Manual Chiropractic Adjustments

anually adjusting the spine is the most common form of care administered by chiropractors and the one for which we are the most well-known. It represents a gentle, safe and non-invasive method of applying pressure to correct misalignments of your spine using the doctor’s hands. Because this technique is so adaptable and tailored to individual patients, it is also called the “Thompson Technique.”

The manual adjusting technique is extremely gentle and low pressure. Patients in Dr. Evan Pridmore’s hands can safely see subluxations, or spinal misalignments, corrected which relieves tension, creates a higher level of energy, reduces discomfort and promotes a greater sense of well-being as the adjustment encourages the body’s natural ability to heal.

How Does Manual Adjusting Work?

Also referred to as “Thompson Technique,” the process of manually adjusting the spine covers a broad range of disciplines within the chiropractic field, and all are focused on correcting spinal misalignments, relieving tension and restoring a feeling of health and well-being to patients.

In general, manual chiropractic adjustments is done via a series of fast, but low-impact thrusts, which gently and quickly restore the spine’s optimal curvature without causing discomfort or excessive pressure. Through the use of various adjustment positions, subluxations can be strategically addressed to realign only the areas that need correction.

The most common methods of applying manual chiropractic adjustments include:

  • Using the 9 possible contact points on the hands to deliver a specific force with a specific vector to a joint to correct dysfunction.
  • Applying a quick clockwise or counter clock wise force on either side of the joint to provide torque
  • Using thumbs or fingertips to apply pressure to minute, strategically-located areas.

Using the Manual Adjusting Technique

Manual chiropractic adjusting is reliable because it has been refined and improved over decades of use. With training and expertise, Dr. Evan Pridmore can sense bodily feedback and determine where corrections need to be made based on the individual patient needs.

Modern use of the manual adjusting technique requires advanced diagnostics and imaging to help determine exactly where the subluxations might be. Using state of the art technology and the patient’s history and symptoms, the Summit Family Chiropractic team can coordinate care that is truly individualized for each patient regardless of their needs.

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